RSA SecurID Hardware Authenticators

RSA SecurID Hardware Authenticators: An easy-to-use, convenient, self-contained method for effective user identification. Choose from two security token styles—key fob or card—to meet an array of user applications including two-factor authentication, hard-disk encryption, and transaction and email signing

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Benefit from one of the industry’s highest-quality authenticator-manufacturing processes, which means fewer token failures in the field.
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Enable users with multiple uses for their authenticators, such as two-factor authentication along with hard-disk encryption, email signing, and more.
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Brand your organization and demonstrate your commitment to security with custom artwork on your RSA security tokens.
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Rely on a warranty that covers each RSA Authenticator security token for the entire life of the device.
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Benefit from an approach that combines time, an algorithm, and a unique identifier to strengthen overall cryptographic value.