RSA SecurID 700 Authenticator

This hardware device easily connects to any key ring. The user simply reads the changing display (typically every 60 seconds) and uses it as part of a dynamic and always-changing password.

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At a Glance:

  • Convenient keyfob form factor is easy  for users to carry and use
  • High-quality solution combined with a lifetime warranty creates a reliable choice
  • Advanced time-based algorithm and tamperevident body ensures secure authentication


Convenient Form Factor
With its robust key ring, small size and easy-to-read LCD display, the SecurID 700 is a convenient form factor for employees, partners and customers. Loss of the authenticator is minimized as it easily fits on a ring of keys or in a pocket or purse. Users can easily read the OTP displayed on the authenticator and know when the number is going to change by watching the countdown indicator. The SecurID 700 is convenient for IT managers too, as it comes pre-seeded and is ready-to-use out-of-the-box. It is integrated with over 350 certified third-party applications, helping to lower deployment costs by providing the assurance that important applications are “RSA SecurID Ready.” The SecurID 700 can also be customized with company artwork to reinforce the issuer’s brand.

Reliable Authentication Solution
The SecurID 700 authenticator is designed to withstand the worst imaginable conditions, offering industry-leading reliability. From temperature cycling to mechanical shocks
to being immersed in water, the SecurID 700 is subjected to rigorous tests to ensure that customers do not face hidden costs due to token failures. The combination of this highlevel of quality with a lifetime warranty allows organizations to reduce the overhead costs of distributing replacement tokens and drive down the overall cost of security while
providing a consistent and easy-to-use authentication experience for end-users.

Strong Security
The SecurID 700 offers a time-based OTP solution that ensures a strong level of security. It has a unique symmetric key that is combined with a proven algorithm to generate a new one-time password every 60 seconds. RSA technology synchronizes each authenticator with the security server, ensuring a high level of security.


The one-time password, something you have, is coupled with a secret personal identification number (PIN), something you know, to create a combination that is nearly impossible for a hacker to guess. The SecurID 700 is also tamper evident, meaning that if someone opened the token for nefarious purposes, it would be evident to the user of the device.

The RSA SecurID 700 authenticator is a smart choice for companies that are looking for a convenient, reliable and secure authentication solution. Its use by millions of users world-wide for secure access to enterprise and consumer applications demonstrates that the SecurID 700 is a proven solution that can be counted on to protect your
organization’s resources.

Environmentally friendly

In an effort to help preserve the environment, RSA reuses almost 100% of all returned authenticators. Customers can send the authenticator back to RSA and RSA will recycle the token at no additional charge.