RSA Credential Manager

RSA Credential Manager is a core component of the RSA SecurID portfolio that provides full lifecycle management of authenticators.

Credential Manager contains tools that both speed the set-up and automation of workflows and enable users to self-manage many aspects of their day-to-day token usage. With RSA Credential Manager, the entire deployment process—including populating the database and issuing token codes—is fully automated.

There are two core benefits of Credential Manager:

  • Self Service – A configurable Self Service console is available for end users to request a variety of services, including issuing on-demand token codes for emergency access. When fully deployed, the Self Service module can dramatically reduce the call volume into the IT help desk and aid in providing 24×7 support for end users for all types of requests.
  • Workflow Provisioning – Workflow provisioning allows for the creation of productivity-saving processes that speed deployment scenarios and ease the work load of IT staff. For example, an administrator can set up workflows so that registration requests from new users within a particular security domain, or ones that fit a certain profile, are routed to a pre-defined approver. That approver can be the head of a department with direct reports in that location or a business manager with a fiscal line of responsibility to that office. With delegated capabilities, approvers familiar with the work situation at a particular location are empowered to make the decision.